Skin Healing Services

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It’s time for change. What would it feel like to finally have the radiant, clear, glowy skin you have dreamed of?

I know what it’s like to have awful skin. To wake in the morning hoping maybe that overnight spot treatment worked, only to find – three new spots in its place. Red, inflamed, painful skin that stays at the forefront of your mind no matter what you’re doing. Well-meaning advice that cuts you to the core, from your peers who don’t understand how damn hard you have tried to cleanse it all away. Wearing clothes that cover your skin just to keep the staring at bay and avoid people’s rude questions. Skin disease is a most unpleasant companion who can truly hold you back in your life.

Thankfully, it doesn’t have to be this way. Through completing my Bachelor of Health Science degree in Naturopathy, treating hundreds of clients in clinical practice, working in luxury spas and working as a Diploma qualified eco makeup artist, I have learned in great depth, the secrets of healing the skin naturally.

I’ve also learned what doesn’t work.

The magazines have got it wrong. The advice they provide you is mainly dictated by paid sponsorships, anyway. The doctors who say acne can’t be healed, have got it wrong – they just don’t know any better. Many ‘skincare’ products exist only for the purpose of making money for cosmetic giants while you continue to suffer. There is SO much false information out there, it’s no wonder you’re confused. And pimply.

Your nutrition, genetics, beauty products, hormonal health, blood sugar balance, gut health, immune function, liver function and toxic load ALL contribute enormously to the pathogenesis of skin disease. That may seem overwhelming. The best thing about knowing this is – we can change it all! Herbal medicines and nutritional supplements along with strategic, scientifically based dietary changes can bring you epic results and clear your skin at last.

I treat all skin conditions, including:

Acne vulgaris

Acne rosacea


Eczema/ Dermatitis

Demodex mites

Cradle cap


Immune-modulated skin conditions and rare or as yet undiagnosed skin flare ups


I take a holistic approach to treating the skin, considering the role of:

Dietary factors

Digestive health

Topical skincare and exposures

Immune function

Blood sugar balance

Hormonal balance

Liver function and overall toxicity of the body

Nervous system health and stress levels

Genetic predispositions

Your personal and family health history

The impact of other medications or natural medicines


Let’s Glow. Initial Consultation – 90 minutes

During your first chat with me, we are going to break this situation down and go back to where it all began. I’m talking way back, looking at your family history and your personal health history from birth to now. We will focus in on your current skin condition and also identify other areas of your health that might need attention. This gives me a better understanding of why your skin is behaving the way it is – your skin issues really do originate from within. My goal at the first consult is to give you a better understanding of the true causes of your skin woes (it may not be what you think!) AND provide you with real deal, rapid remedies that are going to seriously start clearing up your skin. I want you to see improvements in the first two weeks of working with me.

Wait! We’re not done yet.

It took you a while to get into this mess. Maybe you’ve been struggling with your skin for years, or maybe it just ‘randomly’ flared up one day. Either way, unless you’ve had an allergic reaction, the truth is your body has been simmering away with this for a while, gradually building up toxins and inflammation until it couldn’t help but burst through the skin. My job is to figure out what the heck happened and treat the real cause of your problems. Maybe the contraceptive pill you took for years seriously messed up your hormones, maybe those antibiotics you took for your skin actually wrecked your gut health, or possibly the fact that you can’t go five minutes without craving sugar or bread has something to do with the way your skin looks. It seems to be a little known fact in this modern world of ours, but EVERY part of the body is connected and therefore we need to take care of all of it if we want lovely skin. It’s going to take a little time to get back to Beauty Base. The good news is that by truly healing the skin, you’ll end up with better gut health, energy, periods and mood as bonus, inescapable effects of truly looking after your skin health. My recommendation is to commit 8 weeks to really focussing everything we’ve got on healing your skin. Are you up for it, beauty?

Follow up consults are 60 minutes. 

Throughout our work together, I may prescribe healing herbal creams, tailored naturopathic herbal formulas and nutritional supplements to accelerate your results (not included in the consult price). The foundational work though, is always in refining the diet and adjusting your lifestyle habits. You can work with me in person if you are in southwest Australia, or by Skype. By the end of our journey together, you will have the knowledge and skills to go forth with beautiful skin for life.



Email for bookings, or text me on 0419999853 to chat more about how I can help you unveil your gorgeous skin today.