I’m So Tired of the Discrimination Against Naturopaths


*rant alert*

I recently was having a chat to a new friend, and the conversation naturally came around to, “what do you do?” Now this girl, bless her, has a habit of blurting out the first thing that pops into her head. When I said I was a naturopath, she burst out with, “God, really? How’s that going though, like after that kid died?” I could see in her face, she was skeptical and not impressed. Continue reading “I’m So Tired of the Discrimination Against Naturopaths”

Got No Time? Improve Your Health In Seconds

The past month has been a whirlwind of big changes, amazing highs and devastating lows. Between watching my gorgeous schoolfriend Jessica marry the love of her life, and farewelling my beautiful dog Puzzle who had been with me for over 15 years; I’ve also relocated to a new town, relaunched my business, racked up over 50 hours of long distance driving, started a new side job, coordinated the makeup on a huge and amazing stage production, and been attempting to settle into my new home.

Many of us lead busy lifestyles, and sometimes things get out of control.  Continue reading “Got No Time? Improve Your Health In Seconds”