Declutter Like You Mean It

Is anybody else in major decluttering mode? With shiny new Christmas gifts in focus, and a fresh new year around the corner, a lot of people are getting the urge to purge before the sun sets on 2018.
succi (1)A spiritual friend of mine once explained to me that it’s important to keep our spaces clean and free of dust, because when things are cluttered and dust settles, it means energy isn’t able to properly flow through a space. I definitely feel that – for me, a cluttered space is a cluttered mind. There is something so calming about going into a house where there are minimal items but everything that is there is beautiful and chosen with love or for a purpose, and has a place where it belongs.
I personally want my house to have beautiful vintage furniture, life giving plants, books that I love and only the clothes, practical items and notebooks that I really need and use. I think the less things you have, the more grateful you are for them and the more you actually use them. It makes your day more efficient and productive and really can make you happier.

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5 Ideas for a Not-Sucky New Year’s Eve

I don’t know about you, but getting trashed/ being surrounded by messy, touchy feely drunks is not really my style at the best of times, and certainly not at the turn of the new year. To me, the first day of a sparkling new year is far too precious to be wasted feeling sorry for yourself in bed.

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Deluxe Snacks To Help You Sparkle

phone pics 2812Nourishing your body with natural wholefoods can give you higher energy levels, better brain function, improved sleep and a happier mood. It’s also the key to preventing chronic and life threatening illnesses. Sounds good, right? Yet many people neglect their nutrition because they are ‘too busy’. When you eat well, you can work more efficiently, be a better person in all your relationships, and tap into your creativity and inspiration more effectively. We’re all busy, and we all have an important purpose to fulfil during our time on the planet. Nourishing foods fit for royalty needn’t be time consuming or difficult to prepare, and focusing on prepping some healthy snacks can be a great first step towards an epic diet. Let’s up your snack game so you can perform better in life. Continue reading “Deluxe Snacks To Help You Sparkle”

How I Healed My Acne

Storytime! 🙂 This video is a super personal one, detailing what it was like having acne for 10+ years and how I eventually discovered the underlying causes and cleared my skin naturally. The things I talk about in this video are NOT meant as advice, more as inspiration to open your eyes to the different possibilities for treatment and complexities of skin issues. Please see a suitably qualified health or beauty professional before embarking on a treatment plan as every case is completely different.

Natural Treatments for Depression | R U Ok?

This is just a quick little intro to some of the natural options available for treating depression. I’ll have more on this in future videos – please let me know if you have questions on this topic! Always chat with a suitably qualified naturopath, nutritionist or herbal medicine practitioner before taking natural medicines, and speak to your doctor before making any changes to your pharmaceutical regime.