About Amy

GREEN-AMY-4People often ask me how I came to choose my career as a naturopath. It is hard to pinpoint where it all began. With my mother and both grandmothers being nurses, it seems I inherited a desire to heal. I grew up with conventional medicine and had never encountered a naturopath before enrolling in my degree; however I was fascinated with the idea of herbal medicine, nutrition and natural skincare from a young age. I would pore over natural health books from the library and secretly mix up lavender tea and facial masks from things I found in the cupboard and garden. At some point I learned that all my interests put together were defined as a discipline called naturopathy, and I then knew it was what I would do with my life.

I spent five years studying under the best naturopaths and nutritionists in Perth and Brisbane, and now hold a Bachelor of Health Science in Naturopathy from the well renowned Endeavour College of Natural Health. While I am endlessly fascinated by the depth and breadth of what natural medicine encompasses, I have always had a special interest in skin care.

Though blessed with good health in other ways, I endured terrible acne throughout my teenage years and now want to spare others the frustration of an illness that mainstream medicine has few answers to.

Being a creative soul, I was also drawn to studying makeup artistry during my time in Perth. I took a little hiatus from my heavily science based degree and completed my Diploma of Specialist Makeup Services, receiving the award for the best portfolio in the class. I knew I didn’t want to deprive myself of my creative needs again, so as I returned to my naturopathy studies, I set about finding ways to merge my two passions together.

I now spend my time helping my clients heal their skin using nutrition and herbal medicines. I also work as an eco makeup artist, mainly for bridal clients in Southwest Australia. Over time, I have built up a makeup kit that delivers flawless results whilst including only vegan, cruelty free, toxin-free, close to nature products. I continue to update my knowledge and skills, undertaking naturopathic health seminars and makeup masterclasses with the leaders in these fields. I love my work, and I look forward to guiding you on your journey to optimal health and true beauty.

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