5 Ideas for a Not-Sucky New Year’s Eve

I don’t know about you, but getting trashed/ being surrounded by messy, touchy feely drunks is not really my style at the best of times, and certainly not at the turn of the new year. To me, the first day of a sparkling new year is far too precious to be wasted feeling sorry for yourself in bed.

As a naturopath, I see so many people wanting to hit new health goals in the new year so it seems nonsensical to start it off loaded with alcohol, exhaustion and regrets. I’m also more of an early bird than a night owl, so I like to make the most of my new year’s day! Here are some of my ideas for how to bring in the new year feeling good.

  1. Dinner Party and Board Games. Think about who you really want to spend time with, and just invite those beautiful people. Make a favourite meal together, or ask everyone to bring and share. Having high vibe chats and laughing with people you actually like will set the tone for how you want to feel all year long. Stay up til midnight playing Cards Against Humanity or Monopoly (or my new favourite boardgame, Spirit Island) and count it down together. Then, get home at a decent time so you can go for a surf or adventure in the morning to start your year right.
  2. Go Camping. The southwest is bursting with amazing camp spots, and NYE is a perfect time to sneak away to somewhere secluded with your partner or best friends, and bring in the new year under the stars. Getting away from the constant buzz of technology can clear the mind and help you remember your true purpose and what really makes your soul happy.
  3. Goddess Circle. Gather your favourite women, throw some cushions on the floor, pull some angel cards and share your visions and goals for the new year. While you’re having soul chats and grazing on pretty platters you might want to do some kind of focussed ritual or activity together. A friend told me that her and her partner have a gratitude jar that they add to throughout the year, and on the 31st of December they pull out all the slips of paper and reminisce on the magical moments of the year past. Beautiful, right? You could create your gratitude jar for the new year and set some intentions while you’re at it. Having the support of true friends who know your goals will help you bring them into reality. At midnight, run outside under the moon with sparklers, and make a wish.
  4. Home Alone? Perfect. New year’s is a great time for inward reflection. Meditate, write in your journal and carry out some witchy rituals. You might write down your favourite moments of the past year, your biggest lessons, and what you are most proud of. If you have a fireplace, write down everything that sucked about the year gone, and burn it. Then, looking forward, write down the one word you want to be the theme for your life next year, like ‘Fearless’, ‘Magic’, ‘ or ‘Abundance’. Writing your word somewhere you’ll see it (or better yet creating a pretty artwork with your word) will bring you back to this focus and guide your actions throughout the year. Write out some key goals and what the first step is that you will take for each. You might want to close your eyes and visualise an experience you want to have in the new year. If you like writing or drawing it can be powerful to put this vision on paper. If you’re into crystals, smudging, angel cards or any other kinds of magick get in the zone!
  5. Dance! This article isn’t to say you shouldn’t go out on the town. If you love dancing, you should get out there and shake it – BUT do it at a not-sucky place with not-sucky music. Go to the salsa club if that’s your thing, or the club that only plays 90s music, or a death metal concert if that’s your favourite. If you’re now realising there is nowhere in town that actually gets you in the mood, throw a party at home. It doesn’t matter if it’s just you and your cats, your five besties or everyone you know, if there is good music + good vibes + people you love, you can bring in the new year on a natural high.

I hope you have a wonderful start to the new year! Let me know how you’re spending yours in the comments below. x

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