Antioxidants for Healthy Skin

citrusIf you want to have great skin, one factor you should be considering is the amount of antioxidants you are getting in your diet and skincare! Our skin is the first line of defence against the world, and is constantly exposed to oxidative stress from UV radiation, oxygen, the wind, pollution and – if you’re not using good quality products – cosmetics. Shockingly, most mainstream skin “care” and makeup brands contain known carcinogens, endocrine disruptors and neurotoxins, all wrapped up in pretty packaging with the promise that they will improve your skin. Our skin is also exposed to oxidative damage from within, from sources including enzymes, neutrophils, food intolerances, hormones, stress and liver detoxification.
Oxidative stress can result in DNA damage, inflammation, cell membrane damage and swelling, ultimately leading to skin disorders such as acne, eczema, premature ageing and cancer.
To boost your antioxidant intake and promote healthy, glowing skin:
Up your intake of berries, dark green leafy vegetables, raw cacao and good quality dark chocolate, grapes, raw olive oil, white tea and green tea, tomatoes, melons and citrus fruits.
Avoid foods that cause oxidative stress, including fried foods, refined sugar, soft drinks, alcohol and any foods you are intolerant to.
Take a vitamin C supplement or antioxidant complex, such as Oriental Botanicals Antioxid8
Use natural, toxin free skincare and cosmetics, and specifically choose products that contain vitamins A, C and E.
Use antioxidant rich ingredients for at home beauty treatments, eg. chilled wet green tea bags as an eye mask, olive oil as a nourishing skin treatment, and cacao butter as a main ingredient in homemade body butters.
Choose sunscreens with caution – many contain harmful ingredients that counteract the point of protecting the skin. My go-to sunscreen is Eco Tan Coconut Sunscreen.

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