The Ultimate Eco Makeup Kit

13254604_1792024154354594_517523111607231236_nThe natural beauty world is full of nourishing, delicious smelling products in beautiful hues, creamy textures and flawless finishes that will inspire you to dive headfirst into the realm of eco beauty. When you’re starting out though, it can be daunting to know which products really perform, which are a waste of money and where to even begin.

I don’t believe in sticking to just one brand when there are so many incredible products out there. I have found that each beauty brands excels in certain types of products while some of their other products do not stand out against the competition. For example, I personally find that any powdered product from Adorn Mineral Cosmetics is always AMAZING, but even though their lipsticks are great, Red Apple does lipsticks even better than Adorn. I like to pick the best from each brand to make up my ultimate eco beauty kit. Here I have listed for you what I believe are some of the best brands by product type, which I use on myself and in my professional makeup kit.

All listed products are natural + toxin-free + cruelty free + eco friendly + vegan + amazing.

Pri13227321_1795296044027405_5246805136878109275_omer: Inika

Liquid foundation: Inika, 100% Pure

Cream foundation: W3ll People, Kjaer Weis

Mineral powder foundation: Adorn Mineral Cosmetics, Eco Minerals

Concealer: RMS Beauty

Corrector & eye primer: Lily Lolo

Translucent setting powder: Adorn Mineral Cosmetics

Loose bronzer: Adorn Mineral Cosmetics

Pressed bronzer: Ere Perez13131095_1787026411521035_8066405082307366680_o

Cream bronzer: RMS Beauty

Loose blush: Adorn Mineral Cosmetics

Pressed blush: Lily Lolo

Cream blush: RMS

Contour powder: Lily Lolo

Highlighting powder: Lily Lolo

Cream highlighter: RMS Beauty, Ilia

Brow p13557710_1810353305855012_2740316497697960261_nowder: Lily Lolo

Pressed eyeshadow: Lily Lolo, Ere Perez

Loose eyeshadow: Adorn Mineral Cosmetics

Liquid eyeliner: Jane Iredale

Kohl eyeliner pencil: Eye of Horus

Mascara: W3ll People

False lash glue: True Glue

Lipstick: Red Apple, Bite Beauty, Ilia

Lipliner: Bite Beauty

Lipgloss: Bite Beauty

I hope this list helps and inspires you to delve into the world of eco beauty and leave toxic products far behind! Let me know which products you’ve tried, and what other brands you love that I may not have listed here. If you’re unsure where to find these products, check out my video on Where to Buy Natural Beauty Products. x

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