Creating Beautiful Brows


Choose a brow pencil or powder that matches your brow hairs exactly. Trying to correct your brows using a shade that is too light, too dark or too red will make your corrections stand out and look obvious.

If using a brow powder, apply with a fine angle brush. If using a pencil, keep it sharpened for hygiene and best results.

Don’t be afraid to go onto the skin if needed to correct the shape. Almost everybody has brows that don’t match each other perfectly, and if you’ve overplucked, it can take time to regrow your brows to the perfect shape. When done well, no one will notice you’ve drawn on the skin.

Fade out your product at the inner part of the brow nearest the nose. Blend it away to nothing.

The tail part of the brow can be quite defined and may extend past your natural brow hairs.

Keep a light touch and use short strokes in the direction of hair growth.

Aim to keep the top and bottom lines of the main part of the brow parallel. Ideally the part from nearest the nose up to the arch should be like a wide rectangle shape and the tail end is a triangle shape.

Brush through the brows to blend and remove excessive product.

If you have very curly or unruly brows, set with a clear brow gel.

If the brows are excessively long, trim the ends (brush the hairs upward and trim the ends that extend beyond the top line of your brow. Brush the hairs downward and do the same. This removes a lot of bulk from the brows and helps them stay in place and lie down flatter. If in doubt, trim only the tiniest amount!)

Keep tweezers handy when doing your makeup and remove stray hairs AFTER applying your brow makeup to ensure you only remove those hairs that fall outside your desired shape. Don’t disregard the area above the brow – although you don’t want to cut into your actual brow shape from above, there are often stray hairs that sit above the main part of your brows that can prevent you from achieving a clean look).

For a more defined finish, use a small angle brush to apply concealer around the finished brow shape, and highlight under the arch using an illuminator.

(Disclaimer: there are no rules when it comes to makeup! Style your brows however you like and change it according to your mood; these are just my tips for what I personally find most flattering. These guidelines don’t necessarily apply for some vintage and fashion styles.)

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