5 Reasons to Switch to Natural Beauty

glow1. For Your Health

Most mainstream ‘beauty’ products contain ingredients known to be carcinogenic and endocrine-disrupting, not to mention skin irritants and agers! Between 60-90% of whatever you put on your skin is absorbed directly into the bloodstream. Unlike food, which undergoes intense scrutiny and detoxification via the digestive tract before arriving in our bloodstream, chemicals absorbed via the skin bypass the liver and don’t get detoxified in the same way. Natural makeup products are a combination between makeup and skincare; they contain nourishing, healing ingredients that allow your skin to breathe while actively improving the quality of the skin.

2. For Your Beauty

These products have come a long way in the last few years, and they really deliver results! You can have matte, shimmer, bright, nude, glossy, waterproof, flawless products without the toxicity. You can paint your nails, colour your hair, wear false lashes, sunscreen, fake tan and amazing makeup without using toxic chemicals. You can have the healthiest, most radiant skin of your life; the glossiest hair and strongest nails you’ve ever had, and all while using natural products worthy of your temple. On top of all that, it just feels better knowing you’re doing good for yourself rather than lathering yourself in toxins.

3. For The Animals

MOST mainstream beauty brands test on animals – isn’t that sad?! This barbaric practice is completely unnecessary in 2016. Almost every natural makeup brand I’ve ever come across is certified cruelty free and palm oil free. Just to be sure though, check for the leaping bunny. On this point, there is a little room for synthetics to be considered when it comes to brushes. I do love my natural hair makeup brushes which I’ve had for years, however I am opening up more to using vegan (synthetic) brushes as I learn more about the methods involved in creating animal hair brushes.

4. For The Environment

Many mainstream brands are criminally wasteful with their products and packaging. The widespread use of palm oil in cosmetics is resulting in deforestation and threatening the existence of beauties such as orangutans and elephants. Many big brand companies instruct retailers to pull entire lines of products off the shelves just to make way for new colours, instead of selling what they already have. Plastic microbeads, toxic ingredients and unsustainable practices make for an uglier planet.

Many natural brands, including Adorn Mineral Cosmetics, Kjaer Weis and Eco Minerals, actively encourage recycling through the use of recyclable jars and compacts and the availability of refill packs.

5. For The Future

Every time you purchase a product, you are voting ‘yes!’ and supporting everything about that brand. You are enabling their work to continue. Do you want to support a brand that knowingly puts carcinogens in their products, tips chemicals in animals’ eyes, chops down forest habitat and then tries to sell you anti-ageing products to counteract the damage from using their nasty makeup all these years? OR, do you want to support a brand that makes beautiful natural products that nourish the skin, advocates for animal welfare, actively cares for the environment and makes you look and feel truly beautiful?

We can CHANGE THE WORLD just by changing our lipstick. There’s no reason not to make the switch.

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