Shine On Beautiful; Your Work Will Be Continued

jess ainscough

I was heartbroken last night to learn the news that an amazing young woman, and one of my greatest inspirations, is now resting in Heaven. Jessica Ainscough, The Wellness Warrior, was a fiercely passionate, brave and kind health blogger, author and speaker. She touched thousands of lives through her work and helped many of us through tough times.

I first learned of Jess two years ago when I was living in Brisbane. She walked onto the stage at David Wolfe’s seminar, and her smile and presence radiated so brightly I was compelled to find out more about her. From that moment, I was an avid follower of her blog and Youtube videos, and went on to buy her insightful book, Make Peace With Your Plate.

It is curious that so many people could fall in love with someone they’d never met. Jess nurtured and inspired her followers so lovingly, and her warmth shone so brightly out of her videos that it was easy to feel like you knew her. She had such an open heart and let us in to not only her very personal health journey, but also her deep love for her beautiful family, fiance, dogs and soul sisters. Taking a glance at social media today, it is clear that thousands of hearts all over the world are united in love and grief for Jess and those closest to her.

Jess’ life was a rollercoaster ride of joyous highs and devastating lows, of a magnitude that most of us will never encounter. I believe it took great strength for her to share this journey with the world; that beautiful smile lighting her way through it all. She was brave enough to live a life that she believed in, and to speak her truth. The wellness world is reeling from this sad news but we are also filled with so much gratitude for the courageous work she contributed during her time here on Earth.

Jess, you leave behind an amazing tribe who will continue your legacy. Sleep eluded me last night as the tears flowed and I battled to comprehend this news, but I woke with acceptance and a newfound determination to share my health knowledge. You had a gift for communicating your wisdom eloquently and in such a beautiful, motivational way. I will do my best to continue your work, as will so many others whom you inspired. We love you and will keep you in our hearts.

“Be Kind. Be Brave. Be Well.” -Jess Ainscough

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