2018, The Best Year of My Life So Far

journallingHi beauties,

Welcome to 2018, and isn’t it a fabulous place to be?! One of my goals for my business and online presence this new year is to be more authentic, fearless and open when it comes to sharing the things I know and the way I live. I have an abundance of knowledge on natural health and beauty in particular, but no matter how qualified I am or how many clients I see or how great the feedback I receive is, I still often feel I don’t know enough, or no one will want to hear what I have to say. Continue reading


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So, 2018 is here! Hopefully you’re feeling fresh and invigorated by the new date on the calendar (or perhaps you started off the new year with a big hangover and a few short term regrets)!

Reflecting on the past year, it had some struggles and dark times, but also some beautiful shining moments right? Every year has its ups and downs, however…

You know that life would be vastly different if you had more energy, cleared your skin, slept a little better, didn’t have period pain, lost the weight, stopped the panic attacks… _______________ (fill in the blank).

You’ve tried diets or taken supplements here and there, maybe even strong pharmaceutical medications, and you’re wondering, is this as good as it gets? Is it really even possible to experience vibrant health?

You know there are a lot of goals you should be striving for this year, but that little voice reminds you of how last year (in fact, every new year) you started with great resolve and then it all fell by the wayside. Maybe there’s no point setting goals in the first place!

But let’s be real.

If you wake up in January 2019, and nothing has changed, how will you feel? Can you go through another year of fatigue, pain, skin damage, depression, sleepless nights, brain fog…? Can you really handle another year of this? It’s probably not going to magically dissolve on its own.

If you wake up in January 2019 and everything has changed, how will you feel then?

You secretly dream of waking up refreshed with vibrant energy that makes you want to burst out of bed and fly confidently and joyfully into your day. Soft, smooth skin that glows, strong nails and glossy hair; the ability to run and lift and cartwheel your way through life and rely on your body in every situation. Satisfaction in your work, soulful relationships and abundance in all areas (…it may seem like I’m going a little off track here, but I promise, this stuff is alll health related). Symptom-free periods (as they are supposed to be), smooth digestion, pain free joints, vital fertility, connection to that inner spark you’ve been missing and the courage to unlock your most fearless and authentic life.

Isn’t it worth giving it a shot?

I have a Bachelor of Health Science in Naturopathy, and four years+ of clinical experience in the industry. I specialise in chronic fatigue syndrome because I’ve been there and come out the other side, and I love to treat acne for the same reason. I also regularly see all too common cases of digestive discomfort, insomnia, depression, anxiety, period pain, PCOS, weight imbalances, adrenal fatigue, thyroid dysfunction, eczema and children’s behavioural disorders.

I am young, gentle and empathetic, and I have an affinity for the spiritual and emotional side of life. My approach isn’t for everyone – I love biochemistry and pathophysiology as much as manifestation and angel cards.

If you’re ready to make some changes, I’ll guide you through the journey to health, giving you all the tools you need to succeed.

You may need to make some diet and lifestyle changes, so if you need recipes, shopping lists, food plans, food lists, journal activities, gym recommendations, referrals… I’ll provide what you need.

You might need nutritional supplements to correct deficiencies, herbal medicines to nourish and rebalance the body systems or flower essences to shift stuck emotional patterns or energetic blocks. I’ll create tailored prescriptions using only the highest quality products that will get you rapid results, and you always have full control over what you want to purchase or take.

I’ll guide you to how many consults you need for the best results, but it’s always on your terms. As a guide, most people need a minimum of 5-6 consults over three months to create profound and lasting change, although in the majority of cases you’ll start experiencing big shifts within two weeks. Some people work with me for a year or more to undo the layers of health issues that have accumulated over years and optimise total health of body, mind and soul.

Maybe what you really need is someone to listen to you, someone to cry with, someone to confidentially help you figure out how the heck you got into this mess and navigate the way forward. I’m here for you.


Sure, you could do it all yourself.


You could keep googling and reading and getting free advice on the health food shop floor and taking supplements for a period of time and giving up because you can’t tell if it’s working or not. But wouldn’t it be faster with an expert to guide you? Wouldn’t it be better with someone who actually takes the time to listen to your full case , knows the quickest, most scientifically proven, effective way to get results and can spare you wasting your time and money on things that don’t really pay off? It’s not going to magically change on its own. You probably won’t get there based on free advice from your well meaning friends, family or the internet, or at least not as quickly as you’d like.

Life is short. I mean, it’s 2018 already!

It’s time to start living it to your highest capacity. You’re actually not here to struggle. Vibrant health is your birthright.

As a New Year’s gift to you, I am offering a special deal for new clients who are ready to commit to vibrant health in 2018. I’ve never done an offer with so much awesome value before! This is a perfect opportunity to slay your health goals.

Book an initial naturopathic consultation for the normal price of $110 and receive your first follow up appointment free of charge ($85 value).

Your first consult includes:
🌱 90 minute clinical consultation discussing your concerns, symptoms, personal health history and goals as well as an in depth assessment of the functioning of major body systems

🌱 Nail, tongue and iris analysis

🌱 Zinc level test, blood pressure, weight check

🌱 Tailored herbal medicine, flower essence and/or nutritional supplement prescription as appropriate

🌱 Diet and lifestyle assessment and recommendations including recipes and referrals as required

🌱 Email and phone support to keep you on track

🌱 Natural beauty and eco cleaning recommendations if required

🌱 Clinical testing may be ordered for food intolerances, blood analysis, hormonal balance etc if needed

🌱 Holistic body|mind|soul approach

🌱 1 hour+ of dedicated research time by me on your case after the appointment

🌸 Follow up appointments are 60 minutes and may include any of the above mentioned support depending on your personal needs; as well as monitoring your progress, adjusting and adding therapies as needed and empowering you with essential knowledge for lifelong health. 🌿

This offer is also available for distant consultations via phone or Skype (with a lower initial fee since clinical examinations can’t be completed).


Contact me on 0419999853 or hello@amysumner.com to get started on your health journey today. I can’t wait to help you reach your goals this year!

How I Healed My Acne

Storytime! 🙂 This video is a super personal one, detailing what it was like having acne for 10+ years and how I eventually discovered the underlying causes and cleared my skin naturally. The things I talk about in this video are NOT meant as advice, more as inspiration to open your eyes to the different possibilities for treatment and complexities of skin issues. Please see a suitably qualified health or beauty professional before embarking on a treatment plan as every case is completely different.

Natural Treatments for Depression | R U Ok?

This is just a quick little intro to some of the natural options available for treating depression. I’ll have more on this in future videos – please let me know if you have questions on this topic! Always chat with a suitably qualified naturopath, nutritionist or herbal medicine practitioner before taking natural medicines, and speak to your doctor before making any changes to your pharmaceutical regime.